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I am Niall Chapman. I am an Edinburgh-born musician, photographer, and poet, currently living in Stirlingshire. I'm seldom to be found without either my guitar, my camera, or my pen in hand. I draw inspiration from no particular genres in any of my artistic disciplines, rather from that which transcends genres, which marks truly great art.

I mostly sing and play acoustic guitar - all my own songs (a "singer-songwriter" i guess, although that term is a bit tarnished these days) - at gigs and open-mic nights in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I've also played the drums for a couple of bands, and can usually get a tune (or at least a note :P) out of any instrument... well, except for that violin which I haven't quite mastered yet. I like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, Blind Melon, The Pixies, Muse, Blind Willie McTell, Tom Waits, Puccini, Billie Holiday, etc etc...

My songs are soul-boats, crafted to take me away to another world. I don't mind if other people come along... I sing about what provokes me the most, whether in a good or bad way. My lyrics are the most important part - they are the structure, and the notes are the decoration. I love the feeling that something has actually hit you in the head when you listen to a great piece of lyrics.

My photography is a search for the sublime in the ostensibly mundane. I like to find the otherwise overlooked details in everyday life, and intriguing arrangements of light, colour, or shape, which are easily missed in this hectic modern world. My photographic portfolio consists of diverse images in many categories, linked by my distinctive style and eye for captivating imagery.